This week in worship

Who Belongs?Sunday, July 12, 2020


Church School at 9:00 am  /   Worship Service at 10:30 am

Please connect by 10:20am and make sure you are muted when the service begins.
Having everyone connected early (even if you are not present on screen yet) helps us help you with any technical problems and begin our livestream and recording of the service without background noise.

(if you need the Zoom link and password, please email the church office)

Reminders About Zoom Worship:

Prayer Concerns: Email your prayer concerns to Pastor Ailsa this week or type them in the Zoom chat when you login.

Communion: Get your bread and cup ready for communion prior to service.

Practice Zoom: Connect as early as 10am to address any technical issues.

Mute: please keep you microphone or phone muted when you are not speaking. Otherwise too much background noise makes it difficult to hear the speaker.


Supporting FCC
Thank you for continuing to give faithfully to First Christian Church! Your gifts enable us to keep following our call to Seek God, Love Like Jesus, and Serve the World. Because that call leads us to practice justice, our church board is committed to paying all our staff during this time. Mailing a check, setting up bill pay through your bank, or giving online are available options to continue your financial commitment.