As I write this, we do not know the results of the presidential election. Perhaps it is fitting for 2020. So much has been disrupted, altered, and become uncertain in the past eight months.  We have experienced the stress of a pandemic that has infected over 9.5 million people and from which close to 235,000 lives have been lost. We continue to endure physical distancing and isolation for the good of our lives and our community.  And we know that the roots of the contentious election season will remain with us even when the winner of the presidency is announced. So, as we wait, as we think ahead and wonder about the days to come, I pray we will continue to care for ourselves and one another. It is God’s desire that we do so – a desire confirmed in creation’s seventh day for rest and renewal.

Several years ago, we offered a few Saturday mornings to “Walk with a Doc” around our church neighborhood. Our own Dr. Rudy Byrd came out to answer general health questions as we walked together. One thing that has remained with me from his talk is the advice to find something we enjoy and do it each day. Just one thing that is fun. Because having fun is as important as anything else we could do for our well-being.

Think about it. What is one thing you thoroughly enjoy? What is one thing that makes you smile? It can be simple. Maybe going out to look at the moon at night. Maybe talking with a family member or friend. Perhaps going for a walk, playing with a pet, watching a movie or show, playing a game, eating your favorite ice cream, playing an instrument, or listening to your favorite music. Whatever it is, try it today…and tomorrow…and the next day.

We wait. We think ahead. We wonder. We breathe. And God is with us through it all.