“The act of repair asks us to keep remaking what is perpetually at risk of falling apart. It is this remaking by which a home, and a life, may come: not in spite of what has gone before, but because of it.”
From Sparrow by Jan Richardson
We have lost so much in the past year. The inability to be together with family, friends, and as church has created patterns of life that perpetuate a sense incompleteness and yearning for connection. We carry the heaviness of loss for those who have died in this time, both from Covid-19 and for other reasons, and for whom we were unable to mourn in community. We feel weary as each day there is more news of the damage and trauma caused by the injustices of our society. Our well-being—body, mind, spirit—has been impacted by our experiences and our witness to these things.

Richardson’s words in the quote above speak to us in this reality. As the scripture from worship last Sunday helped us to see, Richardson speaks to our need for facing the hurt and the damage. Our need to make our way through the pain as the path for repair, remaking. As a community of faith, we will continue to make our way through it together holding on to the hope of God’s promise of renewal and new life. None of us is alone. Our church leaders continue to pray for the congregation. The elders and I remain available if you would like someone to pray with you or talk with you. Our weekly Zoom gatherings also continue as a point of connection to see and talk with others.

Additionally, our team planning our return to in-person gatherings is working to make it possible to worship on site once again.  We look forward to this development in hopes that it will offer much needed connection and increased sense of community. We also request your help in taking an anonymous survey on the likelihood of your presence at an in-person worship service.