I appreciate First Christian Church providing a time of sabbatical this summer. I pray these months will offer rest and renewal through the opportunities that await us all. The congregation will focus on the theme of Building Spiritual Resiliency through worship and Thursday gatherings. See the weekly email for information on these opportunities. I give thanks to the ministry planning team for prayers and discernment in their planning, which will continue through the summer.

During these three months, I will also focus on spiritual resilience. This will include activities for spiritual renewal, practices of self-care, making time for fun, and connecting with life-giving relationships. I will take time for a personal retreat in June and August. In July, I will travel cross country with Marco and Krysia. We hope to visit family in West Virginia, New York, Georgia, and Texas while seeing sights and camping along the way. Although sabbatical calls for no communication between the pastor and the congregation, I would appreciate your prayers and you will be in mine.