Welcome to week two of our summer sabbatical journey, “Becoming the Beloved Community – Building Spiritual Resiliency.”  We had a wonderful start to our journey, with a devotional study exploring grief on Resiliency Thursdays. On Sunday, we welcomed a guest preacher, Andrew Larsen, who helped to build our resiliency through sharing the message of hope found in the sixth chapter of Amos, as well as his work in the Philippines.  In Andrew’s words of benediction, we, too, can find strength and resiliency in our journey to become the beloved community.  Hear this benediction:

“Our wild God keeps us on our toes as we continue to strive together in building our community around love.  Find comfort that your fellow siblings are on this endeavor with you, and that as a globally connected body, we can make this vision a tangible truth.”   

This week, we enter into yet another aspect of our exploration as we join together on a journey through interactive conversation towards faithfully living into covenant as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Guided sessions will take participants into a deeper reflection of what it truly means to live in covenantal relationship with each other, with the church, and with God.   This series is brought to us from the General Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), so it is going to be well worth our time to engage.

Lastly, during this time of sabbatical, take time to nourish your soul, body and mind.  Use the resource guide to find unique ways to nourish your soul, through different ways to pray and new ways to read and hear the scripture.  Mark your calendars for a “Labyrinth Walk and Coffee-Klatch” on June 19th to combine restorative activities for both the soul and the heart (details found below). Take care of your body by breathing deeply, and maybe take a few naps! Limit your news and social media input and give your brain a rest.  Find something in nature to ponder or watch a funny movie or show to load up on some much-needed laughter during this time when we are naming and exploring our grief. And as we “actively rest,” may we find that we are discovering new ways to build our resiliency.

The Ministry Planning Team – Lori Bryant, Janis Brown, Mary Alice Do, and Paul DeArman