We live in a culture that does not like to wait. So much of the conveniences of life are right before us. Electricity that flips on lights, faucets that bring in rushing water, vehicles that get us from one place to another, computers and other devices on which we can look up information with the click of a button. Streaming services allow us to watch content at our demand. We can even purchase things from the comfort of our home and have them appear on or doorstep the next day or sometimes within hours. Instant gratification is the name of the game.
But every year at this time, the rhythm of our faith calls us to a time of waiting. A time to sit back and step away from the rush and consumption around us. Advent comes with its calming blues and purples. It comes with its prophetic texts. It comes beckoning us to hold on for just a moment and listen, be present, wait.
Advent is for us as a womb for a yet-to-be-born child. It is a moment for growth. A moment for eyes and ears and all the senses to take their shape again. A moment for humility. A time to ask, “How do we live holy lives? How do we love? How do we become open to wisdom?” and then allow the presence of God to make its home within us.