This week we will install incoming leaders of the congregation during our worship service. Our volunteer leaders come with many gifts and dedication to the mission of our congregation. We will receive them into service and ask blessings upon them as they lead us.
We organize our leaders in the following way:
Church Board – The church board is tasked to coordinate, plan, and administer the program of the church in keeping with the policies set by the congregation, recommending changes as needed, and monitoring the financial expenditures and status. It is composed of board officers and administrative team leaders. Officers: Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Secretary, Treasurer/Financial Secretary. Each board officer serves a three-year term.  Administrative Team Leaders: Personnel, Property, Stewardship/Finance. Each administrative team leader serves a one-year term.
Board of Trustees – The board of trustees conducts the corporate affairs of the church, holds legal titles of church property, and supervises endowments. It is composed of the church board Moderator, Secretary, Treasurer/Financial Secretary, and one more member of the church board selected by the board.
Ministry Planning Team – The ministry planning team guides the overall ministry and programing of the congregation. It is composed of 3-5 members of the congregation who serve for a one-year term.
Elders – Elders provide spiritual care and guidance to the congregation and preside at the Lord’s Table. They are elected for three-year terms.
Deacons – Deacons serve in the ministries of the congregation and assist elders in the care of congregational members and serving at the Lord’s Table. They serve a three-year term.