As many of you know, March 21st will mark 2 entire years that Title 42 has been invoked, first by the Trump Administration and then by the Biden Administration, as an assault against people seeking protection at the US-Mexico border. For two years, people seeking to escape danger and persecution have been turned back at our border and returned to persecution.

For much of those 2 years, families waiting in Nogales, Sonora for a chance at safety have organized and marched to make their voices heard and to seek access to a process that US and international law uphold. Almost every march, the people organizing have invited migrants to dress in white, as a symbol that they seek peace and that they want to organize peacefully. At the most recent meeting of “the Revolutionaries,” as the organizers call themselves, they decided it is time to dress in red as a symbol of 2 years of pain and suffering the US government has inflicted on people like them who have been returned to danger.

On their behalf, I invite you, your congregation, your school, or organization to join in solidarity in some way on Monday, March 21st or the days before or after, to hold the US government accountable for 2 years of injustice.

Here are some ways to join:

  • For faith-based groups, plan your own public vigil or “Way of the Cross”
  • Wear red and explain to others why. Take a photo of yourself, post to social media with #SaveAsylum
  • Organize a virtual or in-person conversation, inviting others to learn about the impact of Title 42 and to take action to #SaveAsylum

Please contact Tracey Horan (Email: or Janis Sherick ( if you want to take action or need support getting organized for March 21st! More materials will be forthcoming!