Sometimes we simply need the reminder: we are not alone.  Regardless of the experience of life right now, we are not alone. The importance of remembering this truth was evident to me this past week when my family gathered with friends and the topic of conversation turned to current events. We felt a sense of heaviness—a feeling of being weighed down by the atrocities in Ukraine and the experience of racism, its hatred, and threat that our families had while on a recent outing. Frustration. Defeat. Anger. Resolve. The emotions were many…and we hold on, for we are not alone. God’s love, as Rev. Sarah Speed writes in her poem, “keeps on.”

Come Rain or Shine 

“I will keep on.”
That’s what I heard him say.
I will keep on
driving out demons
and healing people,
speaking the truth
and loving endlessly,
searching for the lost sheep
and crying for the brokenhearted,
feeding the hungry
and welcoming the outcast.
“I will keep on.”
That’s what he said, right
after he said my name, right
after he called me beloved, right
after he welcomed me home
and saved me a seat.
And I knew,
there was no stopping him.
I was under his wing.
Come rain or come shine,
today and tomorrow,
this love keeps on.

Poem by Rev. Sarah Speed, 
Art by Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity