This week I share the message from Alliance Q (the Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance) addressing the tragic murders at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Please take a moment to see the tangible ways they suggest we can respond.



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There are no words

“Alongside so many, we grieve the loss and injury of more siblings in the tragedy at Club Q in Colorado Springs. At a sanctuary for our community. There are no words. I have no words. Love calls us to action. We condemn hate in all its forms. We lift our prayers, we embody our prayers, and we amplify the call to take action to protect the most marginalized among us.

Moments before Transgender Day of Remembrance, the list of murders lengthened, and we are appalled. We are sad and angry. We are disheartened but steadfast to fan the flame of fierce love and resolve named by the Rev. Marian Edmonds-Allen.

When I began serving AllianceQ in 2019, the Rev. Dr. Mark Johnston described our work as matters of life and death. I thought he was exaggerating. Three years later I hold too many stories of lives lost and lives wounded — by literal weapons and weaponized messages from faith communities and people of faith. Affirming people of faith — people of faith! — embody your faith. Choose an action.” – Rev. Melissa Guthrie, Executive Director + Minister, AllianceQ

​What can we do?
Start here: Transgender Awareness and 10+ things you can do to support trans siblings

Scroll past the intro. We list 14 concrete things you can do and each of the actions points you to next steps.

Start local. In your church. In your community.

Share that First Christian Church Colorado Springs is Open & Affirming.  If your ministry is Open & Affirming, proclaim your welcome and care. If you are interested in learning about the welcoming journey, be in touch with us.

GLAAD is releasing responses and statements on behalf of local groups, leaders and advocates about the deadly mass shooting at Club Q and has announced that The Colorado Healing Fund has been activated in response to the Club Q tragedy. This fund is an established, secure, single point donation site to support the survivors and families of this tragedy.  For more information or to make a donation, go to and click on “Support Colorado Healing Fund”.