The Homing Project is a local nonprofit with the mission “To provide immediate residence and services to the unhoused in one location in order to bridge the current economic and social gaps separating them from safe and dignified living.” They seek to create a community of mini homes on a gated property with prefabricated 64 square foot structures. The community will also have private showers, communal kitchen, laundry room, and other community areas to provide stability for individuals and small families to transition to permanent housing.

A demonstration house for the project is currently on display at our church! From now until January 3, you and anyone from the community can stop by 8am-6pm to learn more. You can also visit their website

We are glad to offer our space to promote this much needed housing approach for members of our Tucson community. On January 1, we will have Dr. Kris Olson-Garewal, CEO & Co-Founder of The Homing Project, as a guest in worship to share more ways in which we can be involved.

(You can get a tour of one of the homes here, too: Pallet Shelter Tour and a tour of the Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village in Los Angeles: Alexandra Park)