As we seek to live into being the beloved community, we recognize that this church has long been to be a leader in social justice issues.  But where does our church lead when it comes to climate justice? And what is climate justice? First, a definition: Climate justice is the principle that the benefits reaped from activities that cause climate change and the burdens of climate change impacts should be distributed fairly. Secondly, how can we as the beloved community start living into leading in this area of social justice?  Broken down into bullet points, it could look like this: (click HERE to expand bullet list)Recognize our complicity and responsibility
  • Look beyond your own comfort/safety
  • Listen to vulnerable neighbors
  • Educate yourself and vote accordingly
  • Dig deeper into ‘one size fits all’ solutions
  • Lastly, make it local and get involved
Dig Deeper:Climate Justice According to a Kid (United Nations) – an animated educational short video.Climate Justice is Social Justice (Earthrise)  – 10 minute short video on intersection of Climate Justice and Social Justice.Or Click HERE to see 10 Principles for Climate Justice Change.