Each week we start our worship service with an acknowledgement that we reside on land that is precious and has been cared for, loved, and held sacred by many peoples that came before us. The original inhabitants, the Hohokam and Sobaipuri people, considered the land as part of their greater community of life; and the Tohono and Akimel O’Odham and Yaqui people, who currently inhabit this area continue a relationship with the land as an integral part of their community. 

First Christian Church has committed to “Becoming the Beloved Community.”  There are many neighbors and many ways for us to welcome engagement in our extended community. The Land Acknowledgement is one way – a beginning step; and we strive to take this step in a way that honors the original and current inhabitants of the land and opens opportunity in us for curiosity and conversation about and with our indigenous neighbors.

Some folks have expressed a desire to move beyond simply acknowledging the land.  With the awareness that our role is to listen and learn in order to understand how to most thoughtfully act, we can then move to a place of asking how we can help. Here are a few suggestions on moving from hearing to learning and eventually acting:

  • Volunteer:
    • You can be part of a team to revision our church’s relationship with our indigenous neighbors.  How do we create dialogue? Community? Let the ministry team know if this is a ministry that calls to you.