In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), we offer these videos and articles.

“Origin of Hispanic Heritage Month”— video

“Credera Listens: Exploring Hispanic Identity, Intersectionality, and Culture”—a video and article highlighting the three major themes of the video, excerpts are below:

  • “We [Hispanics/Latinos] are Not a Monolith: Approach Conversations With a Hunger to Learn and a Curiosity for Nuance…Much of our panel discussion was dedicated to busting the myth that a shared language means a shared identity. That brings us to our first takeaway: resist the convenience to ignore the nuances that make different Latino communities so unique and diverse…[here is] one fun example of where things can really get lost in translation, even among Spanish-speaking Latinos.
  • “Do Your Part in Helping Someone Feel Like Less of an Outsider…[many experience] the classic tale of being Latino where it’s not the majority identity: Always being caught between multiple worlds…What we can learn from these situations is that in striving toward equity and inclusion, we have to try to meet people where they are and recognize when our intent is misaligned with our impact [such as stereotyping, shaming, discriminating, dismissing].”
  • “Have Compassion: Reject Hateful Misinformation and Listen to Stories of Sacrifice” Regarding immigration: “Before jumping to conclusions, we encouraged the audience to acknowledge the immense sacrifice required to embark on the journey to the border. From leaving behind their family, friends, and homeland, to putting their lives in immense risk, immigrants take on an enormous amount of sacrifice and are seeking a better life for themselves and their families…” Regarding misinformation such as attributing a mistake (legal or otherwise) to a person’s ethnic or national identity, “Keep an eye out for misinformation or embellished narratives that overstate the small proportion of a group who aren’t well-intentioned.”

“Intersectionality, Colorism and the Hispanic Community” – video  (short video)

“When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity”— article from the Pew Research Foundation

PBS specials for Hispanic Heritage Month, including the 2013 documentary, “The Latino Americans”