WHO WE ARE We are a people who inhabit the Sonoran Desert in southwestern Arizona and northern Sonora, Mexico. Our Nation’s lands cover almost 3,000,000 acres. Before European contact, our people traveled extensively throughout Arizona and Mexico hunting and gathering food, trading with neighbors, and visiting family.

We are a people whose cultural values – our himdag – include respect for our land, respect for our elders, sharing with others, and hard work. We are a people whose origin stories tell us that we were created by Elder Brother and placed here. Archaeological evidence from Ventana Cave shows that our people were living here at least 10,000 years ago.


“The maze is a symbol of life … happiness, sadness … and you reach your goal … there’s a dream there, and you reach that dream when you get to the middle of the maze … that’s how I was told, my grandparents told me that’s how the maze is.” Read more…https://www.wernative.org/articles/man-in-the-maze

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Baboquivari Peak is the most sacred place to the Tohono O’odham People. It is located in the Baboquivari Mountains 50 miles (80 km) southwest of Tucson, Arizona. Baboquivari Peak is the center of the Tohono O’odham cosmology and the home of their Elder brother and creator I’itoi. The O’odham people call it Waw Kiwulik, which means “narrow around the middle”.